Class Descriptions

You can arrange for your child to take part in a free trial lesson. Our coaches will determine the training level appropriate for your child based on his capabilities and age.

​Pre-school: For both boys and girls, ages 3-4 years old.  Introduction to various movements, events and basic skill development. Emphasis on fun while exercising. Classes last 45 minutes and do not exceed a student:teacher ratio of 5:1.

Levels 1-3: Introductory and pre-team, ages 5-10 years old. Classes focus on gymnastics body-shapes and simple progressions for rolls, cartwheels, swings and basic strength. ​Level 3 learns simple routines as it is our pre-team group.

Level 4: This is the initial level for competing; ages 6+. Gymnasts learn the skills for performing routines on all 6 apparatuses and can compete at the state level. Not all choose to compete.

Levels 5-7: A more serious commitment and opportunity to compete at a regional level (7 states combined). Training primarily consists of pre- and post-workout conditioning, flexibility and skill training for routines.

Levels 8-10 and Junior Development: These upper level gymnasts create their own routines and can compete at a national level. At this point, gymnastics becomes a specialized sport and requires serious dedication, time, and sacrifice.

Tumbling: classes to be arranged with groups of 6 or more any weekday. Private lessons are also available by arrangement.

Program Practice Schedule

Regular schedule valid August 30, 2020-June 19, 2021 – class start times
Level Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Class length
pre-school 1:15p 45 min
1 1:20p 5p 5p 5p 5p 5p 55min
2 2:15 6:10p 6:10p 6:10p 6:10p 6:10p 55 min
3A,B,C 3A:   7:15p 3B:   7:15p 3C :  7:15p 3A:   7:15p 3B:   7:15p 3C:   2p 1.5 hr
4A,B 4B:   3:30p 4A:   4p 4B:   4p 4A:   4p 4A: 2p;  4B: 4p 2 hr
5 2:30p 6p 6p 3 hr
6+7 10a 6:15-9:15p 6:15-9:15p 10:30a 3 hr
8+ 10a 5:30p 5:30p 10:30a 3 hr
Class Prices – no change from 2019-20!

Pre-school: $60/month, 45 minute class

Level 1 or 2: $60/month for one day per week, $50 for second day; 55 minute class

Level 3: $165/month for two days per week; 90 min class

Level 4: $310/month for three days per week; 120 min class

Level 5: $350/month for three days per week; 180 min class

Level 6+: $385/month for four days per week; 180 min class

*Tumbling: $60/month for each student (minimum of 6 students); 55 min class

In the case of two or more from one family, after the first child, each additional child will receive 10% off the training fee. The training fee is due the first week of each month. If the fee is not received by that time, a $10 late fee is charged per family for level 1-2 , $25 for level 3 and above. A $110 once-per-year registration fee is due with the program application form July 1-Dec 31 (reduced $15/month after Jan 1). Fees are paid by cash, check, money order, Venmo, Cashapp or credit card (3% added for cc). Any family paying for 6 months at one time receives 3% discount from the 6-month total.

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